Month: April 2013

Cowboy rushes into action during explosions

BOSTON, Mass., —             When the first bomb went off at the Boston Marathon finish line, one man jumped into action without hesitation.

On April 15, 2013, Carlos Arrendondo and his wife, Melida, watched the marathon from the VIP bleachers near the finish line. When the first explosion happened, Carlos, now known as the ‘Cowboy Hat-Wearing Hero,’ hurdled over the fence and assist the injured.

i68960770._szw565h2600_            He didn’t think twice about his own safety and outpaced police officers and other officials to the scene. He helped place people into wheelchairs and rushed them to safety, tied pieces of clothing on limbs that were bleeding and pulled debris away from victims to clear the way for emergency personnel.

The Arrendondos were at the race to support a runner who dedicated his race to their son who was killed in the Iraq War.


Showing compassion for others

HOUSTON, Texas, — Bryan Watt is his sister’s hero. A free-spirited young kid, he did what he wanted to do. He dropped out of school the summer before his senior year and decided to live on the streets in Spokane, Wash. He managed to get a small studio apartment and volunteered with fellow street kids at a charity called ‘Cup of Cool Water.’ 

            The apartment didn’t last long because he desired to “sleep under the stars” and protect the other homeless kids living on the streets.

            Shortly after, he chose to turn his life around and go back to school to get his GED so he could work with his hands in the construction industry.

            He worked hard doing random jobs to save money so he could be close to our mother in Houston, Texas. He finally made it and got a job doing what he loved in construction. At the young age of 22, that job took his life.

            My brother lived life with no regrets and did what made him happy instead of worrying about what others said. He was such an inspiration to me. 

Teacher subdues school shooter

MOSES LAKE, Wash., — In 1996, gunshots rang through Frontier Middle School. A teacher and two students were gunned down while a 14-year-old went on a rampage. Upon hearing the shots, then gym teacher Jon Lane entered the classroom where he found the gunman demanding a hostage. Lane volunteered to be the hostage in an effort to prevent more lives from being taken. As the gunman aimed his rifle at the gym teacher, Lane disarmed the shooter and wrestled him to the ground. He subdued him until police arrived. Lane is now the mayor of Moses Lake.