Month: June 2013

Three-year-old saves drowning cousin


NORTH EAST, Md.,- Cousins Kye and Braydon, both 3, are the best of friends and do everything together. While at a pool party one day, Kye, with arm floaties on, decided to join Braydon in the pool by jumping in. The arm floaties didn’t quite hold her weight as she started to sink to the bottom. Braydon, in a Spiderman life jacket, went after his cousin, grabbed her and pulled her to safety.


Dog saves family from fire


LOS ANGELES, Cali.,- Daryl Steen’s apartment caught fire one night while he and his family slept. Their 15-month-old pit bull, Diamond, began barking and woke up Steen, who got his youngest daughter out right away. Steen’s 16-year-old daughter passed out from smoke inhalation and Diamond wouldn’t leave her side until they were both rescued. If it wasn’t for Diamond, the family may not have make it out of the fire.


Man saves young girl plunging three stories



BROOKLYN, New York- Stephen St. Bernard was on his way home from work when he heard screaming coming from a building courtyard. 

     He rushed to the commotion and saw a young girl teetering on top of a third-floor window unit. 

     He immediately stood underneath the window, yelling at her to get back into the apartment. Suddenly she fell, but St. Bernard was able to catch her, stumbling forward just slightly. He sustained a torn tendon in his shoulder but is expected to be okay.

Stranger’s kindness helps cancer patient live



RANCHO CORDOVA, Cali.,- Dominic Mott was five years old when he relapsed from leukemia.

     His chances for survival were slim and his only option was a bone marrow transplant.

     Kevin Brewster had recently registered to be a bone marrow donor when he received a call telling him that he was a match for young Dominic. The transplant took place shortly after and went successfully. Two years later, they were finally able to meet each other. 

Young girl saves choking friend’s life


SACRAMENTO, Cali.,- First grader Aniyah Rigmaiden was gasping for air at lunch one day when her classmate, Elspeth Mar came to her rescue.

     Mar jumped off the bench, stood behind Aniyah, wrapped her arms around her and dislodged the apple slice she was choking on in a single thrust.

     When asked how she knew how to do the Heimlich maneuver, Mar states she saw it on the Disney Channel once.

Nine-year-old risks life saving her sister


MADISON, Georgia- Anaiah and her five-year-old sister, Camry, were walking to school one rainy day.

           When crossing the street, they didn’t see the truck speeding down their way. Anaiah finally saw the truck and pushed her sister out of harm’s way but was hit by the moving truck.

            She suffered two broken legs, fractured neck, damaged spleen and a destroyed kidney. After 10 hours of surgeries, and a month of rehab, she was released from the hospital and back home with her friends and family.

Father rescues daughter after falling off ramp into river


NEW YORK CITY, New York,- California resident, David Anderson was touring a historic boat on the South Street Seaport with his 2-year-old daughter when he heard a splash and noticed his daughter was nowhere to be seen.

          He then saw his daughter under the frigid East River water. Without missing a beat, Anderson jumped in after his daughter and rescued her from drowning. She was rushed to Bellevue hospital in good condition and left a few hours later.


Teacher saves student from 75-foot mine


HANOVER, Germany- The children of St. Nicolai Kindergarten were out on a day trip with school when one of the 3-year-old students fell 75 feet into an old unused mine. The child’s schoolteacher, 37-year-old Ina Koenig, bravely jumped down after him, having no idea how deep the fall was. She held herself and the young boy in the cold water for more than two hours before rescuers lifted them out. Koenig’s body heat helped keep the boy alive. If it hadn’t been for her quick reaction, rescuers believe the little boy would’ve drowned.

Helping those who fought for us

STAMFORD, Conn.,- The Veterans’ Affairs Committee in Stamford hosted a donation drive last week to collect items and money for homeless military veterans at the South Park Inn Veteran Drop-In Center in Hartford. Military vets have sacrificed a large amount protecting US citizens, so they have create an event to help those in need. Last year’s event collected nine months of supplies for these homeless veterans. The items collected included money, gift cards, personal care and hygiene products and clothing. This was their second year and they plan to continue annually. 

Saved by the strength of his two daughters


LEBANON, Ore.,- While attempting to pull a tree stump out of his garden, Jeff Smith’s foot slipped off the clutch and his tractor flipped over on top of him, pinning him to the ground. His teenage daughters were walking their dogs nearby and came to his rescue after hearing his cry for help. The girls were able to lift the 3,000-pound tractor just high enough enabling Jeff to slide out from underneath.