Month: July 2013

Keeping Children out of Nepal’s jails


KATHMANDU, Nepal,- When parents in Nepal are incarcerated, their children either go with them behind bars or are left to live on the streets. Pushpa Basnet, 29, created an in-home care program in her own home where she takes care of 40 children whose parents are in jail. Since starting the program, she has raised more than 100 children.


Cancer survivor provides encouragement to cancer patients


CHICAGO, Ill.,- Jonny Imerman was just 26 years old when he was diagnosed with cancer. He wanted to create a support group for young cancer patients so they wouldn’t have to go through it alone and created Imerman Angels. The program has currently paired up more than 8,000 cancer patients with cancer survivors to provide encouragement and support.

Rhode Island girl warms community



WESTERLY, RI.,- At the age of 10, Cassandra Lin decided she wanted to help the less fortunate in her community.

      She gathered her friends and came up with Project TGIF- Turning Grease Into Fuel. They collect used cooling oil from restaurants, refine it, then distribute it to families that can’t afford to heat their homes.

      So far, the organization has collected 130,000 gallons of cooking oil and donated $81,000 to help those in need. 

Kindergartener supports our troops



HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo.,- Addy Hinton, 6, came up with a project to send care packages to soldiers in Afghanistan.

      She encouraged her classmates to participate, but it didn’t stop there. It inspired the entire school to contribute. They not only filled the donation bin, but collected dozens of bags of items to send to the troops fighting for our country.


Skier saved by good samaritans


GOLDEN, Colo.,- Todd Weisrock was rescued by good samaritans during a ski trip at Keystone that landed him in the hospital.

Weisrock broke eight ribs, two vertebrae, two scapulae, and punctured a lung. He was skiing at Keystone when he struck a tree and it nearly killed him. If it wasn’t for a group of anonymous skiers that alerted ski patrol, he could’ve lost his life.

Young girl encourages hospitalized children



ORANGE COUNTY, Calif.,- Jessica Rees was 11 years old when she was diagnosed with two brain tumors.

      Everyday she would go to the hospital for treatment. During this, she noticed that some of the kids didn’t get to go home and had to stay in the hospital. It was then she decided to help them, give them encouragement. She started making “JoyJars”- jars that were full of stickers, small toys and crayons to brighten their day. 

Young boy feeds thousands of homeless



FORT WORTH, Texas,- Will Lourcey was 6 years old when he asked his parents why the man on the side of the road was holding a sign that read “Need a meal.”

      They explained homelessness and hunger to him and Will decided he wanted to help. It started with a small lemonade stand, then spread to business sponsored kids in sporting events. He raised more than $20,000 for his local food bank that fed over 75,000 meals to people in need.

Veterinarian volunteers time to help pups

ImageGOLDEN, Colo.,- Thirty-eight Pomeranian puppies were given to an animal shelter for adoption.

      They were all in good physical health, but all had terrible tooth decay, some as severe as periodontal disease. Veterinarian and Dentistry Resident, Jessica Diaz, and her team donated their time to help these puppies relieve their oral pain through multiple cleanings and surgeries.