Skier saved by good samaritans


GOLDEN, Colo.,- Todd Weisrock was rescued by good samaritans during a ski trip at Keystone that landed him in the hospital.

Weisrock broke eight ribs, two vertebrae, two scapulae, and punctured a lung. He was skiing at Keystone when he struck a tree and it nearly killed him. If it wasn’t for a group of anonymous skiers that alerted ski patrol, he could’ve lost his life.



  1. Actually, I never lost consciousness. But the rest of the story is true. 3 other folks out skiing that day stayed with me and helped ski patrol pull me out of a tree well.

    How did you pick up this story? It happened in Jan 2011. Thanks for posting.

  2. Hello Todd, thank you for the clarification and we will make that change. We are sure glad you are healthy and safe. We find these stories because sometimes people anonymously send us stories about heroes in their lives or we find a great story on the web that we would like to share. We located this story from the Channel 9 News in Colorado.

  3. I tracked down the phenomenal souls who saved me months later and we had a really nice dinner together in Denver.

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