Humble vet proudly served our country


ENGLEWOOD, Co.,- Doug may seem like your average hardworking businessman, but once you get to know him, his past is incredible. He doesn’t talk about it unless you push him for information.

     Doug served our country in Vietnam in the 1960’s. His main duty was to go out with another scout at night and walk the rice ladies and jungles for enemy positions. During the war, he was exposed to Agent Orange, which was used to clear out the plants on enemy lines, and later found out it increases rates of cancer, and nerve, digestive, skin and respiratory disorders. He also ruptured his eardrums, was bombed and shot at, and that’s just what he’ll tell you about. He protected our country and asked for nothing in return. My appreciation for our men and women serving our country grows with me each day and Doug is truly my hero. It is an honor to call him a friend.



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