Hiker rescues injured dog


PHOENIX, Ariz.,- Andi Davis was on her regular hike when she noticed a dog off the trail. Hesitant at first, she approached the dog, offered it some water, then carried the 47-pound pup to be taken care of at the Arizona Humane Society.

Source: CNN.com


Cop buys groceries for single mom in need


MIAMI, Flor.,- Officer Vicki Thomas caught a mother of three walking out of a supermarket with $300 worth of unpaid groceries. Instead of being taken into custody, she was charged with a misdemeanor and was bought $100 worth of groceries by Thomas to feed her young children.

Source: CNN.com

Couple makes dying son their best man


JEANNETTE, Pa.,- In the midst of planning a wedding set for next year, parents Christine Swidorsky and Sean Stevenson, were informed that their two year-old-son, Logan, only had weeks to live due to cancer.

     Wanting Logan to be apart of the wedding and in the pictures, Christine and Sean arranged a backyard ceremony that not only made their marriage official, where Logan was the best man for both parties, but was used as a celebration of life for Logan.

Source: Associated Press

We will never forget.

NEW YORK, NY.- The nation comes together in a moment of silence to pay tribute for the fallen heroes and victims from the tragedy that struck our nation 12 years ago.
  On September 11, 2001, fireman, policemen, rescue workers and volunteers worked together to help save those affected by the catastrophe of the day. Many of these heroes lost their lives saving others. These heroes and their families are in our thoughts.

Anonymous witnesses capture back robber

EVERETT, Wash.,- A man walked into a Wells Fargo bank, the lower half of his face covered with a shirt, the upper half covered in paint, demanding cash. After the robber escaped with the cash and ran into the back of a truck, six witnesses tackled him and held him down until the police could arrive. This group of six helped retrieve the stolen money and save people from harm.

Source: Associated Press

Man educates former village


NYAKAGYEZI, Uganda,- Many children in Uganda have lost one or both parents to AIDS-related illnesses.

            Jackson Kaguri was visiting his former village in Uganda when he noticed all of the grandmothers working hard to raise their grandchildren who lost their parents to the disease. He decided he needed to help. Kaguri and his wife bought two acres of land and built a school for these children.

            It didn’t stop there. They raised enough money to build two schools and provide uniforms, school supplies, two meals a day and a medical clinic.

Man’s wish to help turns global



LOS ANGELES, Calif.,- When Haiti suffered a massive earthquake years ago, many people responded by donating money. Jake Wood wanted to do more. He decided to go to Haiti to help. Three days later, he and seven others were on their way to Haiti. Over the next three weeks, he had 60 volunteers in his group. He called their group Team Rubicon. Team Rubicon turned into a non-profit that assists people and communities worldwide that has been affected by natural disasters.