Submission Guidelines

Send your story to and we will post it upon review.

A hero is an individual who’s shown honor, courage, humility, and hope. Whose actions most inspire you? Who in your life has had a positive influence and inspired you beyond measure?

How to Submit 

Option 1:

  • Write a description about your Hero and why they are important to you (Limit 500 Words)
  • Include at least one image

Option 2:

  • Send a video of yourself explaining who your hero is and why OR send a video of your hero talking about what inspires them to be a hero. (Limit your video to 1 minute)

Submissions will be reviewed and posted on Torklift’s Hero Blog.  The blog will be continuously be updated with stories about our heroes and yours.

Win a Vacation for Your Hero
 The Torklift Hero story that receives the most votes will be selected as the 2015 Torklift Hero.

The official 2015 Torklift Hero will win a weeklong vacation to Maui, Hawaii for two, to enjoy a five-star resort, complete with airfare. The person who nominates the hero will also be awarded the vacation prize.

We will also make a donation to the charity of choice on behalf of the winning 2015 Torklift Hero.



  • Entries from Torklift International employees will be displayed but are not eligible to win.
  • One 2015 Torklift Hero will be chosen to win the vacation package.
  • One person who nominated the 2015 Torklift Hero will be chosen to win the vacation package.
  • Voting and winner announcement will take place on Torklift International’s Facebook page.
  • The vacation packages have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged. 

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